Professors invited from Ukraine told about their work in ENU in the field of radio engineering and electronics
On the eve of the 20th anniversary of ENU. L.N. Gumilev Center for the Development of Multilingual Education and Academic Resources conducts a series of interviews to highlight the activities of invited professors.

With the support of the Center for the Development of Multilingual Education and Academic Resources,provided interview of invited professors from the Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – Yuriy Konstantinovich Sirenko and Alexei Alekseyevich Vertiy, in which they shared about their impressions of their work at the Department of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications of the Faculty of Physics and Engineering of ENU.

To date, in addition to his teaching activities at the Eurasian National University, foreign professors are engaged in creating mathematical models for various devices: radio engineering, optical, and for various ranges of electromagnetic waves.

“Every year the obtaining of new knowledge becomes harder and more problematic. And one of the modern methodologies for obtaining new knowledge in our sphere is based precisely on mathematical modeling, “Yury Konstantinovich noted.

Programs of such a high level are developed by them not only for students, but also for specialists in this field. It should be noted that professors, in general, are oriented to Hi-tech industries, in which they are engaged in the most serious product, including military ones. The main task of foreign specialists is the development of qualitative and fast mathematical models that can be reformatted into the workplace of the student researcher.

In addition, for three years of his work at ENU invited Professor Verti A.A. And Sirenko Y.K. together with professors of the Department of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, wrote a monograph published in the best world publisher of scientific literature – “Springer”.

Also during the interview Alexey Alekseevich showed us a lot of new and original methods, which were recently conducted and tested. According to the professors, the new teaching and research methods are aimed at creating and developing technologies for different purposes (for example, techniques for controlling fire-hazardous liquids).

Director of the Radiophysics and Electronics Research Institute Seil Seitenovich emphasized the importance of the activities of foreign professors: “Invited professors make a significant contribution to the development of science within the walls of our university. During their work at ENU, they did an invaluable work aimed at improving the quality of education and raising the prestige of the university and the country”.