On September 22, meeting of representatives of R & D Center “Kazakhstan Engineering” LLP in the person of A.Burabaev, Deputy Chairman of the Board, T. Abushahman, the head of the department, was held at L.N. Gumilev ENU – advisor to the rector A. Kremenchuk,with the director of the Department of Science and Innovation E. Nurmoldin, teachers,graduates of transport and energy and physical and technical faculties.

A number of topics were discussed, concerning existing and planned projects. “R & D Center” provides support for the conduct of 104 types of services for laboratory research.

The offered range of services makes it possible to conduct research at laboratory sites with high-tech equipment and highly qualified personnel in the OPK system.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of R & D Center “Kazakhstan Engineering” A.Burabaev showed a presentation of new ideas and developments on the implementation of planned projects. In turn, the university staff presented projects on such topics as the Special Design and Technological Bureau Aerospace and Special Machine Building (Kasymov S.), “Conceptual Provisions for the Creation of the New Generation ASWS” (Kremenchutsky A.), “Mastering the terahertz range EM Waves in radio electronics “(Sautbekov S.).

Vladimir Kim spoke on the issues of alternative energy, software and hardware, designed to create automation systems, a process control system in various industries.

Earlier, on September 20, an introductory meeting of interested representatives with the scientific achievements of the university was held directly in the Engineering Profile Laboratory, the Kazakhstan-Indian Development Center IKCEICT, the Laboratory of Small Spacecraft within the framework of GPIIIR and the Research Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics.

The main activity of the “R & D center” is aimed at developing the national science in the sphere of the military-industrial complex, scientific and technical support for the modernization of existing and development of new types of military and dual-purpose products.

Article Source: http://enu.kz