Scientists questioned the effectiveness of the device, which can prevent suicides in the army

In the meantime, Kazakhstani military are armed with new technologies. In psychology. In the National Guard, for example, a special device has appeared, which, by impulses read from the fingers of the hands,allegedly will reveal whether the military has suicidal tendencies. The instrument of gas-discharge visualization was given to army men by Almaty businessmen. They say that in Russia this device is used in space troops. But Kazakhstani scientists doubt the effectiveness of such a device. And they advise to solve everyday problems more than to be carried away by the psychological discharge of soldiers. Zhanar Barlybaeva delved into the subtleties of army psychology and listened to scientific criticism.

This compact device is already becoming familiar to the National Guard servicemen. And testing on it – a regular procedure. It is called a gas discharge imaging device. And, according to the developers, it gives a complete psychological portrait of a person.

Two military technical “miracles” appeared at the disposal of military psychologists of the National Guard. One – in military unit 5573, the second – in the military-medical commission. First of all, the device was checked by myself and … amazed, – says deputy commander of the National Guard Mukhametkali Satov. According to the test results, many psychological workers have already been psychologically done, their behavior has been adjusted. A military man with a 37-year experience believes that such a device is especially necessary for their troops. After all, the service of guards is associated with constant stress.

Mukhametkali Satov, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

Our personnel of officers, contractors, military men with urgent service in the performance of combat missions face great psychological and emotional stress. You know, our guys carry out tasks, especially, for example, special purpose units “Berkut”, they perform very important tasks related to the risk to life. 20.22.10 they guard the correctional facilities. They stand in the fighting post, stand on the post with a combat weapon. Are standing with live ammunition.

Alunur Oshbaev, an entrepreneur from Almaty, brought a unique device from St. Petersburg to the National Guard. He notes that the device, based on the Kirlian effect, is well suited for psychological rapid diagnosis. Data is obtained from fingerprints. After their treatment, the program determines the level of anxiety, stress and depression. According to the psychologist, it is these conditions that can cause a person’s divergent behavior. The main thing for a specialist is to learn correctly, to read the test results.

Alnur Oshbaev, director of LLP “Laboratory of psychological safety”:

The effect is based on the glow of biological and non-biological objects. The luminescence parameters give sufficiently large information about the state, primarily the psychological state of a person. Plus its functional and physical condition. According to the luminescence parameters, which are the most informative, of course, the brightness of the glow, it is a form of luminescence, and this is the area of luminescence.

The leadership of the National Guard estimated the acquisition. With the help of the device, you can track not only the psychological factor of a person, prevent a nervous breakdown, determine the emotional compatibility of people, and even the causes of disorders, but also decide whether to trust a soldier with weapons and send him to the guard. The military also intend to increase the effectiveness of the fight against the main problem – army suicides.

Mukhametkali Satov, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

The state of deep depression is the first sign of suicidal tendencies. To suicidal phenomena. That is, qualitatively using this device, we can identify servicemen who are prone to suicide. Servicemen who, let’s say, are prone to increased emotional sensitivity. Which can lead to some conflicts, situations. That is, military men at risk, who may, for example, in the near future or subsequently make some conflict situations.

The relevance of the problem is indicated by the fact that the issues of suicide prevention are under special control of the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office. And last year was even declared a “year of suicide prevention.” The department notes that due to the measures taken, in the sad statistics there is a decrease.

Graphics: According to the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office:

In 2008, 44 cases of suicide were registered, in 274 cases – 27 cases. And in 2015 – 24 facts.

Bauyrzhan Balykbaev, Senior Assistant to the Chief Military Prosecutor of the RoK:

An analysis of the materials of pre-trial proceedings on the facts of suicides directly or indirectly indicated that the servicemen had problems with repayment of debts on loans. Some servicemen had two or more bank loans. In this regard, the prevention of suicide in the past year is aimed at improving the financial literacy of servicemen, responsibility for commitments, as well as strengthening control over matters related to their financial situation.

However, the optimism of the leadership of the National Guard is not shared by the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Seil Sautbekov. The scientist says that the effect of Kirlian became known at the beginning of the last century. They were engaged and domestic experts. And the physicist calls the action of the device a mixture of science and esotericism. In the reliability of research on the miracle of the apparatus, he does not believe.

Seil Sautbekov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Director of the Research Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of the ENU Gumilyov:

In percentage terms, it can be somewhere around 20%. So it seems to me like that. Because full compliance, that it is really connected with the central nervous system, and not there, say, the humidity of the hands, there is the humidity of the air. Because this also affects the discharge process. Therefore, I have doubts to say that it is 100% reliable. We should really not fight with consequences, but with a reason to improve the state of servicemen’s livelihood, I think it would be much better than buying appliances.

But to prevent non-combat losses, as they say, all means are good. In addition, according to the representatives of the manufacturer, these devices have a wide range of applications. They are actively used in Russian space forces, rehabilitation centers, military medical academy, Federal Migration Service. We have the same apparatus while being tested in several military units of the National Guard. And if it shows its effectiveness, then, most likely, it will be adopted by the national Defense Ministry. Zhanar Barlybaeva, Anara Nurtazina, Nurzhan Makhmutov, for the “Favorites of the Week” program

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