Radio Physics and Electronics Research Institute (IRE) was created at the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilev (ENU) in 2015 as a platform on which young Kazakh scientists (graduate students, doctoral students, researchers) could work together with reputable domestic and foreign scientists within the framework of basic and applied research projects (R & D), affecting the problem of generation, radiation, propagation and scattering of electromagnetic waves of GHz, THz and optical ranges. Socio-economic impact of this decision implementation will be associated primarily with the growth of the intellectual potential of the country, with the accelerated training of national scientific personnel who can get world level results, with the ability to use the knowledge gained in the design and creation of new, unique instruments and devices of antenna and measurement technology, photonics and electronics, remote sensing techniques and non-destructive testing. All this is important for Kazakhstan, and for science and technology in general.

Practical activity of IRE is managed by: ENU Vice-Rector for Research and Director of the IRE, scientists from the Expert Council which consists of invited prominent domestic and foreign experts at solving specific problems.

Funding Sources: the budget of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) of Kazakhstan, national and international grants for the implementation of search and research work, the performance of contractual research and development activities, commercialization of research, consulting and educational services.

Director of IRE: Seil Sautbekov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor (tel: +7 (701) 924 11 67; e-mail:

Address of IRE: SRI Radio Physics and Electronics ENU, Kazhymukan Str, 5, Astana 010008, Kazakhstan.


  • Support for masters and doctoral students preparing thesis in the field of physics, electronics, quasi-optics, theory and technique of antennas and antenna-feeder transmission lines.
  • Development and implementation of new software, efficient methods for solving direct and inverse problems of electrodynamics of pulse and monochromatic waves.
  • The theory of resonance scattering of waves by open periodic, waveguide and compact structures.
  • Theory of diffraction radiation antennas, modeling and experimental synthesis of radiators (including scanning) with a specified radiation pattern, small aperture and windage.
  • An adequate theoretical description and model synthesis of new artificial materials (photonic crystals) for instruments and devices of THz and optical ranges.
  • An adequate theoretical description and model synthesis of active and passive power compressor of the mm wave band.
  • Theory and technique of microwave (on surface waves) imaging and non-destructive testing.
  • Theory and technique for GPR with a step change of the sounding signal carrying frequency.
  • Scientific and technological platform for the development of aerospace vehicle advanced systems of electromagnetic sensing of the Earth surface for the benefit of the agricultural sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Signal processing for passive and active radar of the mm waves.
  • The electromagnetic environment and security (electromagnetic fields in the office and industrial buildings).